In 2010 the entrepreneur in me decided to start Studio 31a and it is under this umbrella that the latest award for Preservation Excellence was received from the City of Chicago.  I am dedicated to the restoration of old buildings, renewing the purpose of that building and reviving the community surrounding the building.  The eclectic spirit in me selects what appears to be the best in various doctrines, methods, styles and eras to restore, renew and revive a building. 

My dedication to my profession also transfers to the community outside the office.  I am a certified yoga instructor and volunteer teaching for Girls in the Game Summer Camps.  I also donated time and effort to Team in Training for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help train others for marathons and triathlons. Three words every runner lives to say, “I Finished Boston!” I am a competitor and finisher 2 Ironman’s and15 marathons including Boston.

A Elizabeth Ortner, AIA, LEED AP